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HEALTH SERIES #1 Difficult Conversations

Finding the confidence to talk to new people on any level can be a challenge. So, what happens when you start to feel unwell in a new environment? It’s time to get a cup of tea on we think!  

Starting difficult conversations is always a challenge. How do you initiate something without feeling like you’re going to be looked down on? That you won’t be a burden? That you won’t make anyone worry? 

We want to stress the importance of open communication this year at Brighton. If you, at any time, find yourself feeling unwell or worried about someone – we urge you, to please talk. Talk to us, talk to your lecturers, talk to your flatmates. We are here to support you, but we also must support everyone around us to ensure we are all safe.  

Here are some tips and advice on starting up a conversation, and even setting up some foundations should anything happen in the future:    A common conversation starter is the question ‘are you okay?’.   This question may seem simple, however these three words could the absolute world to someone else! This lockdown period may have been kind to you, or it may have been absolutely horrible to you, so it is important to check in with the ones who surround you, so you all can get through this period of uncertainty together!     It is important to have a united force as at a time like this, it is vital to have the support of one another. Say if you are feeling a bit under the weather and don’t want to take any risks, so you’re going to be self-isolating until you get a test, you will still need to eat, therefore you will still need food!     Being able to have conversations like these means that you will be able to find a ‘buddy’ who could support you, if you ever needed to self-isolate and vice versa!     When we work  together, we will be able to reduce the panic and fear that is associated with this pandemic. This is not an easy time; however, it is not a challenge we can’t conquer!  

Together we are strong  Together we will get through this   Together we are victorious!

Remember – if you are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested as soon as possible. More information about testing whilst studying at University can be found here: If you think you have COVID-19 (

Have any questions or need further information? Contact our BSU Support Team who will be able to provide you with more resources, information and support:

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